Drew Povey is an influential leadership authority with a unique multi sector viewpoint on creating innovative and sustainable change.

He has over twenty years’ experience working in elite level sport, education and business.

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Sunday Nov 29

My absolute pleasure to endorse this book. Our 3 lads loved it...and we as parents did too! So many important messages for our young people and never so important either 👍🏻 twitter.com/thesumoguy/sta…

Friday Nov 27

Both these brilliant books are in the #BlackFriday sale on #Amazon If you haven’t read them, get on it - both under £7 🤩 #Yesss is a game changer for young people...our 3 lads have read it, all have loved it! 🙌🏻 pic.twitter.com/UbYsGIM9Vj

Some leaders just have ‘it’. They walk into a room and you know that they are in charge. But how?

What sort of person is so inspirational, that even when the chips are down they make their team feel like the strongest warriors, ready and willing to march over the hill into battle?

Drew draws lessons, guides development and paves the path to great leadership.

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Decisions Decisions…by Drew Povey

The Triple P Model We all make decisions each and every day, from the moment we wake up until we drift off to sleep in the evening. A lot of the decisions […]

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