Drew Povey is an influential leadership authority with a unique multi sector viewpoint on creating innovative and sustainable change.

He has over twenty years’ experience working in elite level sport, education and business.

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Wednesday Mar 3

Sometimes we feel lost and totally consumed with our own battles and struggle. This is completely natural. But it may help if we try and counter-balance our situation. This won’t remove the obstacles we face but it can sometimes provide a different perspective. #wednesdaythought pic.twitter.com/zb1g6Niz5g

Tuesday Mar 2

I bet you’re busy learning new ways of working, sometimes feeling out of your depth & trying to keep up with ever changing information. In all that madness - please give yourself some time to take a breather and remember you’re doing your best! #GiveYourselfTime pic.twitter.com/0Sw3f4AdT1

Monday Mar 1

Some of the best ideas come from hard working, at the coal face workers who were courageous enough to share their ideas and give it a go. Your voice matters. Your experience matters and your ideas could be the thing that makes the biggest difference 👍🏻 #mondaythoughts pic.twitter.com/ydEMOIqVaA

Friday Feb 26

Every single day we hear of brilliant people doing amazing things! To everyone stepping up, doing more, giving more and still with a smile on your face - thank you! Hope you can have some time to relax this weekend because yes...it’s Friday!! #Friday #FridayFeeling pic.twitter.com/Rnze1zRf3Q

Thursday Feb 25

Thank you for the kind words and so pleased you enjoyed the day - it was a great day of learning! twitter.com/Venture_Create…

Some leaders just have ‘it’. They walk into a room and you know that they are in charge. But how?

What sort of person is so inspirational, that even when the chips are down they make their team feel like the strongest warriors, ready and willing to march over the hill into battle?

Drew draws lessons, guides development and paves the path to great leadership.

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The Hard Reset

December 2020 I know I don’t really need to say this, but what a year 2020 has been! As we reached the end of 2019 I imagine most of us were looking […]

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