Drew Povey is an influential leadership authority with a unique multi sector viewpoint on creating innovative and sustainable change.

He has over twenty years’ experience working in elite level sport, education and business.

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Tuesday May 11

You pushed through when you didn’t want to. You carried on when you could’ve given up. You continued when you didn’t think you would. You found strength when you thought you had none. All of this you can use on the road ahead 👍🏻 pic.twitter.com/CjhfP3KDK4

Monday May 10

When we see success we’re most likely looking at an end result. We didn’t get to see the hard work, discipline, failure, blood, sweat and tears to get there. What are we willing to change, give up or adjust to get us to where we want to be? #MondayMotivation pic.twitter.com/09JU5jL1qN

Friday May 7

Thank You! Has anyone given you thanks this week? Have you passed your thanks on to everyone you should have? Two small words that mean so much. Let’s make sure we are thanking everyone doing the good stuff 👍🏻 #ThankYou pic.twitter.com/SBwEwz2gRp

Thursday May 6

If you’re having it tough, here’s a little note to remind yourself that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. We mightn’t know what the end looks like yet, but it is there. You’ve just to keep moving towards it 👍🏻 pic.twitter.com/DcMxO7ilXq

Wednesday May 5

Are you ever able to replace that negative thought with a positive one? Sometimes it’s difficult, but if you can, that bad day can feel better. It’s worth working on. #PositiveThinking pic.twitter.com/OhQ1RD5jVR

Tuesday May 4

Sometimes the smallest of steps, repeated in the right direction, will make the biggest difference. It doesn’t always have to be a huge leap. Just one step infront of the other 👣 pic.twitter.com/in0O0okDuF

Some leaders just have ‘it’. They walk into a room and you know that they are in charge. But how?

What sort of person is so inspirational, that even when the chips are down they make their team feel like the strongest warriors, ready and willing to march over the hill into battle?

Drew draws lessons, guides development and paves the path to great leadership.

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