Drew Povey is an influential leadership authority with a unique multi sector viewpoint on creating innovative and sustainable change.

He has over twenty years’ experience working in elite level sport, education and business.

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Saturday Jul 31

The words of a true champion! Double Olympic champion at that! What a race, what a win, what resilience! Love this message from Elaine Thompson-Herah 🥇 pic.twitter.com/DmT88gJL8V

Saturday Jul 31

Delighted to finally get our hands on #JoeJunior by our good friend Carol Day 📖 Football fanatic Max can’t wait to read it to his cousins, he thought it was brilliant! Highly recommend it - get it on Amazon now ⚽️ 👍🏻 📕 #HolidayReads pic.twitter.com/qYBTFj22k6

Wednesday Jul 28

Doesn’t matter how we take our moments of mindfulness, just give yourself time to do it. We don’t need to be posed. It’s just a moment to be still, detached from the usual buzz of thoughts and grounded. Let’s do it 👍🏻 pic.twitter.com/9JExQIqUgs

Friday Jul 23

Waking up on a Friday 😃 Have a good one, keep safe amd stay cool in this weather ☀️ pic.twitter.com/W27IQcC0Ug

Some leaders just have ‘it’. They walk into a room and you know that they are in charge. But how?

What sort of person is so inspirational, that even when the chips are down they make their team feel like the strongest warriors, ready and willing to march over the hill into battle?

Drew draws lessons, guides development and paves the path to great leadership.

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The Hard Reset

December 2020 I know I don’t really need to say this, but what a year 2020 has been! As we reached the end of 2019 I imagine most of us were looking […]

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